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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of the claims and issues with them right now. and so, their contract now is just over 200. and 200 million from the original bid of 189 or 187 where we started. >> okay. >> and unfortunate and i apologize that i did not bring our summary sheet but i think bring that next time. >> just curious. >> are we tracking the change orders are categorizing them and error and omissions and unforeseen conditions and changes? >> yes, we do that within the construction system and we can put a category on each type of change. >> okay. >> the next question, so now that we have the sailed contract executed, and so a lot of the unknowns are now kind of out of the way, and the schedules still shows the zero float, which better than the negative float, but do we think that there are opportunities, to tighten the schedule so that we can get some float back?
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>> absolutely. and we can bring steve hump hreys up if he would like to join me, but in reality, the next great opportunity for picking up the float is once we get that particular contractor started on site, that is where we can use a judicious amount of over time and effect the critical path activity and the key right now is to get the decisions and the approvals made in the middle process, so we keep the mill order on track for the structural steel and that is the zero float. and we have meeting with the team, and we will do on a beak wao*ekly basis and to make sure that the adviser responded too quickly and they have done in mot that scanka has been working on the project over a month, they have completed the initial stick frame model of
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the entire project, a stick model. and that gives them the ability to literally order the steel. and they will divide that order up between the three or four suppliesers. and that order should go out in the next couple of weeks and going through the final approvals of that. and they detail the connection and figure out the welding and bolting and getting all of that approved and that will happen with the mill order being run in the shop. and right now, and there is no, and we asked this question, specifically, there is no, issue, that they are for, seeing, and we can see the we will see it going in the summer, and just like we are with shimic and they work on saturday and volunteer to get in sometimes and we will share in that cost and i think that is where you will effect the
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critical path. >> and so the steel delivery would happen in a way that will enable it. >> and we can look at the we would and how long the welding has taken and the duration is correct and do we update the duration in the schedule or do we make allowances and we can make those changes accordingly. >> but that is really when the rubber is going to meet the road. >> and i don't know if this is a construction issue that you have been reporting that the mission street sidewalk width, and there is some issue, was between that and the awss. and i don't know, if that is an open issue. >> and or a schedule issue. and the time change. >> okay. >> and that has not hit my desk yet. but we can do the research and you can back it on that. >> and do you want to respond
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to that? >> i am steve humfrey and i believe that the tee is anticipating the width of the sidewalk that is going to effect the alignment and that lock, and that is worked on right now, is that awss that has already been constructed >> and it is the last block that remains to be installed. from the main street on up. and okay. >> could you talk a little bit about more what the change is? >> i don't have all of the details on the specifics, but they intend to increase the width of the sidewalk. and the standards in the city, to keep the wws, on the streets and not on the sidewalk and so the current designed alignment of the awss is not in the sidewalk, but, the sidewalk is widened it would be. and the delays are being worked out. >> and is there a request to to
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widen it for pedestrian reasons or another reason? >> i think that it is the transit district plan. >> it is part of the plan, director. they want to have more room for pedestrians and does have to deal with the pedestrian and walkbility >> and better walkbility and any schedule cost to schedule the impact and it is not in the critical path and so it will not effect the schedule. and it is well off, and the cost that i can't answer that question. and then my last question, and maybe just a construction question, and maybe the 100 percent construction documents were schedule to be done by about now. and they were delivered at the end of may and delivered on the first and we are in the common period where they are reviewing the documents as well as the team and our staff and what
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would we have the construction documents. >> and the entire main package delivered to web corp and excuse me the end of march 2014. and we should have all of that wrapped up by then. >> okay, fine. >> and are there any other questions? >> i did just have a minor question for mr. loti, about, about the accounts and reserves. and if you could explain the different accounts that we have and the trust account. and the account that we have with the city treasurer and it looks like we are getting the good returns and the city is investing widely and we have the different rates of returns and why we can't put more money on one account and verses the other and just in the background on that. >> sure. >> we have had an account with
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the city treasurer since we have something close to ten years. and it is a better. and it is that a lot of local agencies that the city treasurer, and they do a good job of managing those investments. >> the proceeds on the other hand as a requirement of the cooperative agreement have to deal with the trust account for those and that is the reason for the separate accounts. >> thank you. >> thank you, directors that concludes my report. >> thank you, so that concludes the report and we can move on to public comment. and it is an opportunity for the members of the public to address you, on items that are not listed on to these calendar and i have not received any indication that the member wants to do so. >> are there any members of the public that would like to speak that did not submit a card? >> seeing none, public comment
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is closed. >> moving on to the consent calendar, and there will be no discussion unless the board request and the matter will be removed and considered separate and i have not received any indication that a member of the board or public wish to discuss that. >> was there a wish to sever any of the items on the calendar? >> could i ask or could i ask a question on one? >> i think that we have to sever it. >> we can sever it, it is fine. >> which item was it? >> 7.4. >> okay. so, we would, we will sever,
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7director lloyd. aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> and that is four aye and the consent calendar as read is approved. >> we can call 7.4. and that is authorizing to extend the agreements for the services with manatt, phelps and phillips and chambers, for two years each. >> between these two contracts and the two state advocacy contracts that we separately, approved, it is not an insignificant amount of money that we are spending each year.
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for advocacy. and i think that the federal one, is about equivalent to what the city and county of san francisco spends on federal advocacy as a comparable. and i'm just, so i am just wondering how do we evaluate, or measure the value, that they get from these, are there reports that come back? how do we know kind of that were that this is a good investment of project resources. >> yeah, so they have been with us for a long time. and these are just extending their contracts, the way that we measure, any contract is based on performance. and have they delivered? and mannet and chamber and conoln were able to help us get the 400 million, through the reeninvestment act and helped us to get the 171 million loan and they bring different expertise to the table and
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nanatt is more on the working more from the lobbying standpoint, and working with us with the various agents and the various congressional representatives whereas chamber and colon, and hartwell are more technical and they are know all of the federal loan instruments that are out there and how to draft the report and so they write the applications for us and whereas manatt drops the other application and most recently the tiger application and so they know that but manatt is more skilled on tifia, are they delivering and are we getting what we need and we have to date so far. and it is, it is a huge project, and large project, that they are building and it involves, many stake holders and as you know, san francisco, the east bay, contra costa and counties and it involves the federal rail road administration and the federal
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transit administration and all of the development that we are doing and that is why necessitate this level of support and they have been really helpful to date. and our we have received, nothing but good words from our leader staff on the good job that they have been doing and so that is another measure to us is what do the congressional reps think. >> since you mentioned it, it might be helpful at whatever point to give us an update on where we are with tifia. >> yeah, i know. i can give you that now. >> we are still awaiting our fitch rating and we were expecting to get it in mid august but they had some more information that they needed to look through and i think that really the holidays got in the way. but summer vacation but we are looking to get it in the end of september. so, that is the critical and we proceed with the formal application process. >> and i assume that these folks contracts will guarantee
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our success. >> they got us the 171 million last time. okay. >> thank you. >> director, metcalf? >> a question on these political consulting and lobbying contract and how do we know the advocacy positions that our staff and consultants are taking? >> we don't take any position and so if there is any measure that is going to the voters >> i don't mean on the voters. what are the advocated for by the staff or consultants. >> and we don't advocate any positions we just apply for the grants and the various and whether it is at the there has not been a lot at the state level and. we don't advocate for anything other than federal grants and the tiger grants and. and so in terms of
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relationships with the ctc and mtc and cal train, and transportation built and any of these other government entity and some local and regional and state and some national. and we would be informed if the tjpa would be saying anything other than to get the money. >> and we are just out trying to get money and so we don't, you know, we don't take the positions we leave it up to the individual agencies. >> okay. >> we don't appear before bodies, and support the positions. we do appear before bodies when it involves the transbay project. >> i know tha, is what i am asking. >> and ask, and we are asked to give the presentations on our projector we are asked to respond to the questions when most recently, we have received the funding from mtc and that is when we appear. >> if we are asked to appear and there is a funding element. and we have an update on the project to appear.
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>> okay. >> does that answer your question? >> sure does. >> okay. >> i wanted to just confirm that i understand this correctly. and and negotiated with the original amount so that amount has not changed. and on the $12,500 per month, originally it was 12,000 per month but it was negotiated at the time of the original contract, so there was 12,000 a month for the first three years and up to 12,500 for the next two option years and if it were extended there is a small increase for the last two option years and >> it is a monthly retainer so that does not mean that we get a statement of the hours? >> and one of them, and just a trait line, although there is a weekly call and so we do know what they are doing on a weekly
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basis and the other one does detail out the hours to some extent. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and sorry. >> and director sartipi? >> just to piggy back on the question and with respect to the advocacy. do they do any analysis of any federal estate, legislation, that would in any form or shape change the qualifications of funding for the transbay. something may become a barrier to qualify for certain types of funds? >> what they do is keep us informentd of upcoming opportunities and for example, and what would, if we notice an area for example, the department of homeland security and they give us funds for security and if we notice that we are not, and for example they tend to give money to projects that are already built or in operation, yet there are a lot of projects that are being constructed right now, and rails, and facility and bus facility and so we will ask for
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example, can you let us know if there is a possibility that projects that are in construction could at some point qualify in addition to the existing projects that are under operation and they do those kinds of analysis and let us know when the upcoming bills are coming up and what is in them and so they let us know about, upcoming measures that could impact our project. and they let us know and keep us abreast of the imminent domain, and anything that is related to our project. >> and any other questions? >> seeing none, why don't we just take a roll call on this item. >> when i sat on the board of education and the transportation authority, our lobbyist prosides us a list of bills that are upcoming that may or not impact some of the projects that we have pending and maybe a couple and not to get it as an oral report, but if there is anything written it might be helpful for the board
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to see what is happening at the federal level. >> we will keep you updated if anything keeps you up >> we will track the major elements like the next transportation bill. which is just the way that reiskin knows. >> okay. >> and why don't we take a roll call on this item. >> i will note that no members of the public wanted to address you on that item. >> thank you for the reminder. >> motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> a first and a second. >> floyd? >> aye. >> metcalf? >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> and as well tha. is four ayes and item four is approved. >> okay. >> and so, we can now move on to the regular calendar and item 8. >> approving the recommended applicants for the transbay joint powers authority. >> and scott belay can report on this item.
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>> good morning, directors. and i wanted to start by on behalf of the tjpa expressing our thanks and gratitude to jane morrison, as all of you know jane was a founding member of the tjpa advisory committee and at the age of 93 that she has decided to scale back the activity and fortunately for us she decided to resign her seat on the transbay cac in july. and but we are have, very grateful and honored that she included advocacy. and part of the long active volunteerism in san francisco which has included everything on work from woman's rights to immigrant's rights to worker rights and to ending homelessness and transportation and structure and she has been a tremendous ak set and so we are grateful for the service.
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>> and we have 15 seats on the cac and there are 15 seats and each one representing specified to represent a different con stit entcy, and the seat that jane vacated in july was the san francisco based transit advocacy and from mid july to mud august. and for that seat. and we have got a total of 6 eligible applicants. and from that pool, we are recommending, patrick valenito and he is a member of spur and a member of the spur central subway task force and so he has experience with the local infrastructure and development and downtown san francisco. and he is also a member of the san francisco chapter of the urban land institute. and he is a resident of district six and the transbay neighborhood and he is also the co-chair of the real estate committee of the california state bar association and as
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well as a member of the community and an environmental tifts and we are recommending the reappointment of mar la wilson and she serves in the has been a member in good standing, and since may of 2011. and mar la is an environmental program fellow at the san francisco foundation and also a member of the directors of walk and bike oakland and she is a new member of the ac transit, and transbay rider task force, and what we rec end today is the reappointment for ma la is a two year term and patrick be appointed to finish jay morrison's term that goes to march of 2014. and patrick is here today if you have any for him and i am happy to answer any other questions for you >> thank you so much. >> and i do want to give they opportunities. i assume that wilson is not here, but i do see mr.
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valentino. >> and thank you for the consideration and thank you for scott and you you gave a great summary without looking at notes and i thought it was impressive to understand the application without having to look down one. and as mentioned i am a strong advocate of transit and i think that it is one of the most important things next to housing in the city but transit is equally, an important issue in our city public transit, that is a challenge to make the shift, from a car oriented environment to a public transit oriented environment and i think that the investment in the center is a significant message to the city and to receipt gon, of how important that is. and i am very excited about it and i am excited to be a part of it and in fact my apartment looks right at the growth of the transit center and i am looking forward to the steel going up in the next year.
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and as mentioned i have been involved in the task force and i am excited about the efforts to continue the central subway beyond the current plans if possible and i am highly supportive of the complete streets program and all of the transit initiatives that are happening around the transbay center as well. a member of the district six, and i ride muni frequently and i would have to say that the bike share program has cut into that a little bit and i would say that the bike share is part of muni and it has been a great, and i have also, one interesting factor that i have realized as i got more into the transit advocacy and how important to reduce the miles and when i lived in southern california, i drove, 12,000 and now i am down 5,000 and even getting down lower and the
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public transit for me is a part of daily life and for many others as well. and so thank you very much and thank you for the consideration and i look forward for the opportunity to serve on this vac. >> are there any questions for our applicants? >> thank you, so much, and i see you at all of our community meetings and neighborhood association evening events and so i appreciate, your ability to do this on top of your day job as well as mr. (inaudible) who is also here and serves on the tjpa citizen's advisory committee and it is amazing to have the active residents who are able to commit and invest the additional hours to advise the city and the public projects on the neighborhood issues. >> i move the applicant. >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. >> i would echo, all of what you just said. i believe that the director harper had asked for some additional process, on the
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actransit seat and i think that you did undertake that process. >> we did. >> and in his absence, has he reviewed this recommendation? >> yes. >> confirmed. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay, great. and so we have a motion on the table for both, miss wilson, and mr. valention and we have a second to that. >> and any members of the public did not indicate that they want to address you. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> kim >> aye. >> item 8 is approved. >> thank you. >> go ahead and move into your next item >> 9 is election of the chair and vice chair purchase su ant to the tjpa joint powers agreement. >> and directors i refer to you on this item. >> since we are lacking our vice chair, should be... should
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we postpone. >> we are way behind it but we could postpone it by months. why don't we do that director harper and i have not had a discussion with him whether he wants to continue on as vice chair or not. we have a motion to continue this motion for a month. and we have a motion and a second. we can do that without opposition. >> are there any other items on the calendar? >> seeing none, the meeting is adjourned, thank you very much, and welcome back.
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